Mohawk Productions Inc.

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This is the production company of Bruce Helford, co-creator and one of the executive producers of shows such as The Drew Carey Show and George Lopez. The company was founded in 1991.

(March 14, 1994- )

Logo: We see an actual shot of an ultrasound (the blurry X-ray of what of an unborn baby looks like in a pregnant woman, which is actually the fetus of his unnamed wife) of a fetus, moving around a bit. The company name is in front of the image, as "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" fades in below, and toward the end of the logo, the fetus giggles.


  • The son of the company's founder Bruce Helford - named Aven - is the fetus in the logo.
  • One idea that the people in the company had was to use something with Mohawk Indians, but wanted something more personal.


  • On Someone Like Me, the word "AND" is seen below the company name.
  • Starting in 2001, the Mohawk text became more stylized and became animated. It became a bit more cursive (except for the "h"), and is over a black-and-white box with a set of TV antennae. The text "PRODUCTIONS, INC. IN ASSOCIATION WITH" is below. This whole logo comes in from the left with the box spinning in and stopping in the center as the text "springs" out. The animation/ultrasound is about the same, except it has a blue tint to it this time, instead of black/white like before.
  • On Lopez vs. Lopez, the logo is still and next to the Mi Vida Loba logo.

Technique: The live-action ultrasound; starting 2001, combined with 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A drumbeat followed by a baby's giggle, which is also that of Aven.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox used the respective networks' generic themes.
  • On Someone Like Me, no laughter is heard.
  • On The Drew Carey Show S2 episode "Drew Blows His Promotion", the fetus farts instead.
  • On The Drew Carey Show S3 episode "What's Wrong with this Episode?", a cat meowing is heard instead.
  • On the George Lopez episode "She Drives Me Crazy", the drums loop a few times, with the logo freezing after the first loop and until the fetus giggles, which may have been unintentional.
  • On Lopez vs. Lopez, it's silent.

Availability: Common.

  • The original version was seen on the first six seasons of The Drew Carey Show, and the updated version can be seen on seasons 7-9 of The Drew Carey Show as well as all episodes on George Lopez (where the shortened version can also be found).
  • It also appears on The Oblongs, and Wanda at Large. It also appeared on The Norm Show (or simply Norm).
  • The logo first appeared on Someone Like Me, a sitcom that aired on NBC in early 1994.
  • It's also seen on Anger Management (the TV series) and the first 13 episodes of Kevin Can Wait. Also appears on the new show Lopez vs. Lopez.
  • This was never used on the 2018 revival of Roseanne despite Helford serving as that show's executive producer, though it is currently used on the spin-off The Conners.