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Modern Times was one of the major entertainment companies in Greece. It was founded in 1996 by Kostas Giannikos as a comic book company. Between then and 2002, they were important in the comic industry in Greece, and they also released books, CDs and audiotapes, as well as videotapes and DVDs, which were initially under the "Nextworks S.A." brand name. The company closed in late 2011, when Kostas Giannikos was arrested for debts.


Modern Times S.A. (2007, Greek DVD Logo).jpg

Logo: On a dark red background, we see a pink cog and a purple one connected to each other, rotating. It then fades to the same cogs rotating along with an orange one. It then fades to a dark red background with rotating cog silhouettes as the cogs come together, with the words "MODERN TIMES" appearing in a purple serif font with a white drop shadow.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A cog-like sound throughout the logo, with a whoosh sound when the log comes together.

Availability: Was common in the past, but is now uncommon, bordering on rare, as the company ceased business. Was mostly found on VCDs of Greek dubs of animated series, among other material.

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