Misri Films

From Audiovisual Identity Database

Descriptions by
MizukiAccent48 (Promise Frontier)

Video captures courtesy of
PFS2021Channel [Susastir & Gaulves] AU-NZ


Misri Films was a short-lived Thai film production company that made its few films during the early 1980's.

1st (known) Logo (July 17, 1982)

Logo: On a dark pink background (possibly film detorioration), we see a probably headdress on a light background surrounded by a circle. On below it, a banner says "MISRI FILMS" in Thai.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: A poorly-made version of the Star Wars theme.

Availability: Only seen on The Flower and His Temple Child (ดอกฟ้ากับเด็กวัด) and its trailer.

Legacy: You may laugh at how the Thai music composer made the poorly-made version of the Star Wars franchise's theme song.

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