Mimran Schur Pictures

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Mimran Schur Pictures is a American independent film production company founded by David Mimran and Jordan Schur in early 2009 for the purpose of producing exceptional films spanning all genres.

(October 8, 2010-)

Logo: On a space background, we see an ocean moving, then from the middle, a wave approaches, hitting the screen with water (a la the Intermedia logo). The splashing wave reveals the text "Mimran Schur" in blue and it zooms out.


  • There is a version where the text has a white line on it.
  • Sometimes, the text reads "MSP".

Technique: Photorealistic CGI by yU+co.

Music/Sounds: Wave sounds and a dramatic fanfare, composed by Musikvergnuegen.

Availability: First seen on Stone and appears on all films produced by them ever since.

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