Million Monkeys, Inc.

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This is the vanity card of Off the Air creator Dave Hughes, founded in 2005.

(January 1, 2011-)

Logo: We see a video of snow monkeys in a tree when they suddenly spin diagonally to become more copies of monkeys into a spiral construction. In front of it, we see the text in a transparent yellow:



  • From seasons 2-10, some random fonts and trippy edits of the monkeys are shown, which vary depending on the episode.
  • On the episode "Patterns", the video of the snow monkeys is replaced by a satellite dish with the words reading "THANK YOU MILLION MONKEYS". A plane is flying past the dish.

Technique: The monkey footage spinning.

Music/Sounds: A whoosh mixed with a monkey's cry in reverse.

Availability: Seen on Off the Air, including its specials, except for the special "seramthgiN".

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