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Millimages is a French independent animation studio founded in 1991 based in Paris. Some of their more well known productions are Molang, 64 Zoo Lane, and Pablo, the Little Red Fox.

1st Logo (September 3, 1994-January 27, 1996)

Millimages (1995).png

Logo: On a black background, MILLIMAGES is shown italized mostly in royal blue with a white stripe in the middle of each letter and has an underline in silver. The second "L" twinkles while the "G" then does the same.

Technique: The twinkling.

Music/Sunds: The opening theme.

Availability: Only seen at the beginning of Caroline and Her Friends.

2nd Logo (January 10-February 21, 1998)

Millimages (1997).png

Logo: On a dark red background, a white filmstrip is shown diagonally. "MILLIMAGES" is shown in the same color as the background that is probably see-through with the same going to the squares above.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The opening and closing theme.

Availability: Only seen in-credit in the intro and end credits of Father Christmas and the Missing Reindeer.

3rd Logo (September 4, 1998-)

Logo: We see the text "millimages" with the letters in different fonts in black above a line in orange. The first "l" and "a" are slightly above the other letters while thee second "l" and "g" have the lower parts placed in place of where the parts of the line should be. Next to it is a painted circle in the same color as the line with a see-through handprint.


  • There is a secondary version where the text is in front of the logo.
  • An in-credit version (either the main or secondary version) appears in a rectangular or square box (depending on the version) on a white background.
  • Another in-credit version lacks the white box where it appears along with the text in white if it appears on a black background or background of any other color is necessary.
  • A rare production version appeared on Old Tom.
  • In 2015, the company introduced a variant where each letter is in a different color with the line in red; the first "m" is in burnt orange, the first "i" is in dark blue, the first "l" is in dark green, the second "l" is in the same color as the line, the first "i" is in periwinkle, the second "m" is in light orange, the "a" is in sky blue, the "g" is in royal blue, the "e" is in dark teal, and the "s" is in light green.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme.

Availability: Uncommon. It mostly appears in-credit on shows such as Archibald the Koala, 64 Zoo Lane, Pablo, the Little Red Fox, Ethelbert the Tiger, Watch My Chops, Pigeon Boy, and CJ the DJ. The production version only appeared on Old Tom as mentioned above, and the 2015 variant appears on Molang.

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