Midway Sports

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Descriptions by
KirbyGuy2001 (Logoblin)

Captures by
PM pinter

Video captures courtesy of
Drew Dormann


Midway Sports was the sports video game division of Midway Games. From 2005 onward, future sports games were just released under the regular Midway brand.

(September 17, 2001-October 15, 2004)

Logo: On a black background, many flame-like comets (possibly representing Midway's "On Fire" identity) fly away from us while doing loops, twists, and zigzags. They then spin around to form the Midway logo (including a refined arched "M" in 3D with a metal outline), surrounded by a white-outlined black-colored parallelogram with the sides of it lumped by the arch, with the "MIDWAY" text on the top-left of it and a small part of the parallelogram with the text "SPORTS" in a Spider-Man movie-like font underneath. Right after the logo appears from the flame comets, we see another flame comet fly past us underneath the logo revealing the words "IGNITE YOUR GAME", as the logo shines for a while.

Trivia: "IGNITE YOUR GAME" was the slogan for the Midway Sports brand.


  • On MLB SlugFest 20-03, the logo is distorted.
  • On GBA games like MLB SlugFest 20-04, the logo is still and can either be on a white or black background.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A series of whooshes as the comets fly, a bass blast when the logo is formed, and then one more whoosh sound.

Music/Sounds Variant: None for the still version.

Availability: Seen on all Midway Sports titles from the period on PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and Game Boy Advance. Try to look on cases with the Midway Sports logo on the bottom right of the case.

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