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1st Logo (Early-Mid 1980s)

Logo: On a dark blue background, a ton of white lights are seen to simulate stars, slightly scrolling to the right. A white logo then appears from the top of the screen while spinning counterclockwise, where it dips up into place. When the logo freezes, it shows itself to have a white tube shape with "mo" cut out of it in a Bauhaus 93-esque font. Above it is "metronome" in the same font. The background continues to move and sparkle.

Technique: The sparkles, the logo spinning.

Music/Sounds: A series of oscillating synth "wahs" are heard at the beginning, which is followed by a 3-note ringer. A "bong" is heard when the logo stops spinning and 3 synth taps at the end. A drone can be heard as well throughout the 2nd half.

Availability: Extremely rare. It can be seen on early Danish copies of Warner Home Video tapes.

2nd Logo (Mid 1980s-1991)

Logo: On a black background, a white dot pops in and zooms out to the right, all while dark blue rings fade in and come around the dot as it zooms out. Some of these rings have parts cut out of them, which reveal themselves to be the Metronome logo from before. As they form up the logo, a black tunnel effect starts emitting from the "o" before the proper logo, along with the name in white, fade in over it.

Technique: The zooming rings, the tunnel effect, the flash

Music/Sounds: A series of "doo" notes play throughout the beginning half, before a whoosh plays for the tunnel and a single piano note plays for the logo fading in.

Availability: Rare. Seen on later Danish tapes of Warner Home Video titles, like Rain Men.

3rd Logo (1991-1998)

Logo: On a black background, the "metronome" text quickly slides in to the right, colored blue and in the same font as usual. 5 silver arches then quickly draw in back and forth to the metronome's tone, which is then followed by a cut out line wiping in 3 cuts, creating 4 sections, in beat to the music. The logo then shines.

Technique: The name and logo forming, the shine. The entire logo's formation is in sync with the music.

Music/Sounds: The now signature tune of Metronome: a metronome going 145 BPM, followed by a 3 note tune which adds a new instrument with each note: the 1st is a ding, the 2nd adds a piano, and the 3rd adds a cymbal clap.

Availability: Same as before.

Legacy: The last home video logo from them, duties would be taken over by Sandrews Metronome starting in 1996. Metronome would then go on to television production. Probably, it's also the first ident used for the company's programs.

4th Logo (1998-2017)

Logo: As the "metronome" text slides from the left on a white smoked background with spotlights, the arcs from before, now with the lines intact and in blue, form as the text "METRONOME PRODUCTIONS A/S" in Eurostile/Microgramma slide in from the sides of the screen.

Variant:: Sometimes the logo is on a box in the credits.

Technique: The sliding and formation of the arcs.

Music/Sounds: The same tune as the 3rd logo, but abridged.

Availability: Seen on shows up until the 2010s, one example is Bingo Banko.

5th Logo (2017-)

Logo: On a white background, a blue arc appears and spins around counterclockwise while also appearing to grow. Another arc appears and rotates clockwise, albeit slower, and then a 3rd one going counterclockwise. As the top arc finishes forming, it reveals a white cut that shifts to the left and leaves a cut there before shifting to the middle. As the final 2 arcs stop moving, "metronome" in a black round font fades in below.

Technique: The arcs rotating. Quite similar to the 3rd logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as before.

Availability: Current. Seen on their shows like Ex on the Beach.

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