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Metro Home Video is an American pornographic home entertainment company that has distributed adult entertainment since the 1980s.

(Late 1980's-2003?)

Logo: On a black background, a wide, blue cone flies into the center of the screen. The shape would rotate and float around for the majority of the logo. After settling in the center of the screen, the purple word "Metro" in the Brush Script font flies into the shot, with "HOME VIDEO" in yellow and in a Helvetica-like font following suit. After the female announcer finishes narrating, the text leaves the shot by flying into the camera. The cone would continue floating for a few seconds before the logo fades to black.

Technique: Computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic rock fanfare, complete with strings. When the studio's logo appears, a female announcer says "Metro Home Video, the leader in adult entertainment".

Availability: Seen on adult video tapes from this era.

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