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SnowflakesOmega & Tabit

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Tabit & BaldiBasicsFan

Video captures courtesy of
Tanner The Logo Dude, WEM유태광, and Mister Suitcase


Merdeka Filem Setudio (known in English as Merdeka Film Productions) was a Malaysian film studio located in Ulu Klang, Selangor.

Before its establishment, former director of Cathay-Keris, Ho-Ah Loke first established Merdeka Filem Enterprise in 1958. It has successfully produced a film Hilang Gelap Datang Terang with Perfini, which also featured Dollah Sarawak, Maria Menado, Chitra Dewi, Rendra Karno and several artists from Jakarta. The film is the first and last film released by the company.

In 1960, the company has merged with Shaw Brothers Ltd. and Mr. H.M. Shah (who withdrew from Studio Cathay-Keris), where another company was established in Ulang Kilor, Malaysia with the name Merdeka Filem Setudio. The first ever film they’ve produced was Tun Tijah, directed by Tan Sri L. Krishnan. Most artists who took the starring role produced by this company are all from the premier Malay Film Productions and Cathay-Keris Film Productions who migrated from Kuala Lumpur to continue their careers after the film industry in Jalan Ampas, Singapore declined.

The company has successfully produced 89 Malay films with 81 black-and-white films and eight color films. The company went inactive after the production of the film Loceng Maut in 1977. The studio was officially closed a few years later due to the advent of color television in 1975. The situation worsened after the death of the Great Artist Tan Sri P. Ramlee, there were no more Malay film directors of the caliber where some of them migrated to other productions or opened film companies on their own. In addition, internal turmoil within Shaw Brothers Ltd. in Hong Kong also played a role where Run Run Shaw and Runme Shaw agreed not to want to produce films in Singapore and Malaysia. The last film released was Adik Manja in 1980 before the studio was bought by the National Film Development Corporation in 1985 and turned into the Merdeka Studio Complex.


Logo: On a rotating flashing sunburst background, we see a kind of flower in the middle surrounded by 2 laurel wreaths on both sides. Above it is a ribbon containing the company's name "MERDEKA FILEM SETUDIO", swerving above the flower, along with a smaller, darker ribbon containing "MEMPERSEMBAHKAN" swerving below.

Trivia: The flower seen at the middle is known as a hibiscus, Malaysia's national flower.


  • There exists a prototype variant where the logo is still, and a white shade is seen on the background. The camera also zooms to the flower at the end.
  • Do Re Mi and Nasib Do Re Mi has the flower inside a white oblong shape. It also appears to be darker.

Technique: Hand-drawn animation. Zooming effect for the prototype.

Music/Sounds: A stock majestic, bombastic trumpet fanfare which sounds a bit similar to the 20th Century Studios fanfare, which is known as "Film Finale" composed by Roger Roger.

Music/Sounds Variant: Anak Bapak uses the opening theme of the film.

Availability: Rare.

  • The prototype variant can only be seen on Ragam L. Pathee.
  • The normal variant can be seen on most of their films since August 21, 1965, starting with Masam-Masam Manis and lastly Laksamana Do Re Mi.

Legacy: The fanfare is later used on a few other logos.

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