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Mercury Steam Entertainment S.L., doing business as MercurySteam, is a Spanish video game developer based in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid, Spain.

1st Logo (November 4, 2004)

Logo: On a white background, it fades to a bluish-grey environment, with 3 blue robots walking. Suddenly, a cartoonish yellow top hat, with a paper stuck in the brim, slams down, catching the attention of the robots and making sirens raise up from their heads, revealing they're police officers. The top hat then flies across the screen, leaving 2 officers to run after the stretchy hat, while one stops and observes the actions in confusion. He then raises his finger, signifying a idea, and runs off screen. The hat and officers continue to fly and run respectfully while the lone robot slams down a black frame and runs off screen. When the hat returns, it appears to be victorious to the worn-out robots and proceeds to bonk them on the head, knocking them out. The hat then laughs happily before observing the framed spot. It then proceeds to bounce on it 2 times, before the frame quickly rises and smashes the hat into the background, as the lone active robot comes back onscreen, with a remote controller, and laughs at the formed logo, which is the crude frame and outline of the hat, which is in front of the yellow splatter, as it zooms in and the background fades to white. The text "MSE" fades in large, black, futuristic lettering, with "MErCuRyStEaM EntErtaInMEnt" below in the same font, but smaller to fit the length of the top text. Both words are separated by a line.

Variant: On the trailer and demo of the game, the logo is seen on the same ancient wall as the Enlight Software logo, and the entire logo (sans the splatter and the paper) is made in a silver metallic material, with lines connecting various points. A light shines over the logo as the paper flows a bit.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: The sounds of all of the actions described, as well as the laughs of the hat. A soft swoosh can be heard when the words fade in (which is also the sole sound in the variant).

Availability: Seen on the demo (variant) and full version of Scrapland.

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