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The Melbourne Underground Rail Loop Authority was a government authority established in 1971 to oversee the construction and operation of the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop (better known as the "City Loop"). The loop was designed to relive the congestion caused by trains using the Flinders Street station by building a circular railway that allowed trains to continue past the Flinders Street and Spencer Street (now called Southern Cross) stations, turn around via an underground rail line, and back into the suburbs of Melbourne.

During the planning and construction of the loop, two short documentary films were produced by the Authority. The first called Loop (filmed during the planning stages), and the other called Action Loop (shot during the seventh year of construction in 1978). A third film was meant to be shot after the completion of the loop, but after the scaling back of the authority, the third film was never shot.

(Early 1970's-1978)


  • Loop: Superimposed over an overhead view of Melbourne, we see the MURLA logo (consisting of a loop and two lines coming out of the top-left and bottom-right side of the loop) in orange. Below it is a text notice in white reading "Produced by R. Barrington Scott for the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop Authority".
  • Action Loop: Superimposed over one of the loop tunnels under construction, we see the following in-credit notice in white:

produced for
Melbourne Underground
Rail Loop Authority

Film partnership

Technique: None, unless you count the live-action footage in the background.

Music/Sounds: Just the closing audio/dialogue of the film.

Availability: Seen on the two short documentary films produced by the Authority, Loop and Action Loop. Both of these films can be found on Public Transport Victoria's YouTube channel.

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