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Medialab is a French-based company created in 1991 by French producer Alain Guillon. In 1993, Alain Guillon left the company and has been replaced by Gerard Mital. The company's staff includes Chris Labonte, chief director of storyboard. The company closed in 2001 but opened again in 2006 as a post-production facility.


Logo: On a black (or blue) background, we see a white upside-down rectangle with a blue square. In the blue square, there is a white eye and a big white smile. Underneath all this, the blue words "MEDIALAB" (in an Arial font) can be seen. Everything's static.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None, or the ending theme of the show playing on it. The failed pilot named Les Cailloux that Medialab produced in France uses a 6-note synthesized jingle.

Availability: Can be found on any show produced by Medialab such as Donkey Kong Country. Strangely, the first episodes of Stickin' Around do not display the logo at the end (although Medialab effectively co-produced the series with Nelvana and YTV). It appeared also on a few demo reels by the company.

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