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Mediafilm is one of the main operating Italian film distributors.

1st Logo (2000-2005)

Logo: On a space background, we see comets that make a big light. There are lasers drawing the name's letters, one by one. When the logo is completed, the flare becomes a big red star with the letters turning into 3D as well. A comet, wipes the company's URL at the bottom of the company's name.

Technique: The neon writing of the logo, the flare appearing.

Music/Sounds: An heroic string theme that becomes into a full orchestra near the end.

Availability: TBA

2nd Logo (2005-2011)

Logo: TBA

Variant: A short version of the logo exists which begins with the logo forming.

Technique: The lights turning in, the camera panning through the theater, and the appearance of the logo.

Music/Sounds: Begins with sounds of lights being turned up with a buzzing synth bass, then changes into a lush piano theme which evolves into a 7-note majestic reed fanfare.

Availability: Common in Italy.

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