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This was a division of Mediaset used for television production.


MediaTrade (2000-2003).jpg

Logo: On a black background with the center colored blue, a golden Mediaset symbol pans and zooms out, while a lens flare flies and draws a yellow line. At the same time, the word "MEDIATRADE" in Trajan Pro zooms out while leaving a white light, as well as the white byline "GRUPPO-MEDIASET", placed below the yellow line. The word "PRESENTA" zooms below as the logo shines.


  • On international airings of Tequila & Bonetti, the logo freezes after the formation.
  • There's another version in which, the text "UNA PRODUZIONE", placed on a black background, shines with a yellow light and blurs while zooming in and fading to the standard logo animation, albeit without "PRESENTA".

Technique: CGI animation

Music/Sounds: A short version of the RTI Mediaset jingle at the time, along with whooshes and laser zaps. This was composed by Chicco Santulli.

Availability: Seen on MediaTrade's projects like Casa Vianello, Don Luca and the 2000 revival of Tequila & Bonetti.

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