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Logo: On a white background, we see a circle with the words "MAX BANNAH" and "ANIMATION" on it. The company's symbol, which are the abstract letters "M", "B", and "A" shaped like a face. The symbol then morphs into a worm with a human-like face and a hat. The worm then gets hit with numbers counting down from 8 to 2. Once the worm is hit with the "2", it gets injured, causing the logo to cut to black.

Technique: Hand-drawn animation.

Music/Sounds: A drum-roll, a cymbal crash, 6 timpani/bass drum notes and the worm yelling when the "2" hits him.

Availability: Seen on One Man's Instrument.

Legacy: The slapstick violence and music can scare people, though it is much lower for those who are used to it.

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