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Camenati and RSX-798

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RSX-798 and TheRealMarcel2000


Maverick Television was a production company with offices in the UK and the US, founded in 1994. It was acquired by All3Media in 2007.


Logo: On a black background or the background depending on the show, we see a red circle inside a white and black ring with the letter "m" inside. Underneath the circle, it reads either "A Maverick Television Production" or "A Maverick TV Production" with the station info below.

Bylines: Starting in 2007, the byline for All3Media is added under the corporate logo.

  • 2007-2014: "an All3MEDIA company"
  • 2014-2021: "an all3media company"
  • 2021-: "An All3Media Company" with a vertical line in the middle and the new All3Media logo on the left.


  • Starting in 2013, the logo is animated, here we see a silver ring as it flips to reveal the zooming in text "maverick" with the red word "tv" on top of the letter "k". As it does so the ring reveals a black circle ring appears with the red circle with the letter "m" inside forming the same logo.
  • There is an early version that was used until 2004, here we see the circle in shiny silver with the letter "m" in it and below it reads "MAVERICK" with "television" is shown underneath.
  • Sometimes, it shares the screen with other logos.
  • On some shows that they produced, the logo is in-credited.

Technique: 3D animation, none for the still version.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show or none.

Availability: This logo made its first appearance on Christmas Trade Secrets and it was later seen on their shows that they produced from the 1990s onwards such as Embarrassing Bodies, Operation Ouch!, Children's Hospital, How to Look Good Naked, The American Barbecue Showdown, Elephant Hospital, Chrisley Knows Best and 10 Years Younger, among others. The logo was first shown in the TV special Long Haul.

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