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Math Antics is a math website founded 2008, Rob and Jeremy, began dabbling in math video production. At the time, Jeremy was involved with homeschooling his children and was having trouble finding math resources that were simple, effective and highly engaging.

1st Logo (April 9, 2011-)


  • Opening: On a white with black square strips background, we see the words "math" appear letter by letter. And then, the words "Antic" bounces on top of the word "math". And the letter "S" happens to crash on a off-screen wall, and it jump on the right to make "Antics".
  • Closing: At the end of the videos, we see the Math Antics logo on top with in blue on the bottom right transition.

Technique: The letters appearing and bouncing for opening, None for the closing.


  • Opening: A Pop up appears when the words “math” Appears, A boing sound and a running boing, a tire screech sound and a thud. Last, a landing thud, followed by a techno theme, also followed by a slide whistle when the logo leaves. And Finally, a laser sound after the title sequence.
  • Closing: A 4 drum beat that ends with a hi-hat sound, and rob saying "To see more free math videos, visit us online at" or "Learn more at".

Availability: Current. Seen on all of his videos, starting with his oldest, "Math Antics-Convert Any Fraction to a Decimal".

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