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Maski is a comic troupe based in Odessa, Ukraine. As an artistical joint, they created their famous Maski-Show and also participated in creation of the Lessons from Aunt Owl (Уроки тётушки Совы) animated series. They didn't have an on-screen logo as an artistical joint until 1996.

(January 13, 1996-December 19, 1998; 2005-early 2010s)

Logo: On a black background, the stylised "MASKi" is being formed (with A being upside down and having a triangle in it). The background becomes blue and ripples with light beams are moving while "MASKi" is slowly rotating. "MASKi" finally comes to its position, and the background turns half-blue (with the sky moving) and half-black. "MASKi" settles in the middle and the triangle in the "A" becomes red. A drawing with 7 people that have red noses appears on the blue half. "ТВОРЧЕСКОЕ ОБЪЕДИНЕНИЕ" appears below "MASKi".

Technique: Early CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A siren sound that repeats 5 times, accompanied by a jet engine sound until we hear a swoosh, followed by an ominous synth hum with a dramatic 4-note bell fanfare and a cymbal crash.

Availability: Seen on the 1996-1998 episodes of Maski-Show starting with "Maski On The Boat" (Маски на пароходе) (1996) and ending with "The Mummy Visiting the Maski-Show" (Мумия в гостях у "Маски-шоу") (1998). It was also seen on the Lessons from Aunt Owl DVDs distributed by Right Films Company.

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