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Marketing Video Home was a sublabel of Magnetic Video S.A., operators of Vestal Video and American Video that was founded on August 31, 1987. The label did not last very long and released very few titles.



Logo: Over an orange background with a gold glow, we see a white rounded rectangle with a red border and three red lines. Above the first red line, we see the word "MARKETING" flipping in from the top of the line. The word "VIDEO" rises from the second line, and then flips to the center. Then "HOME" rises down from the third line and flips from the bottom. The glow dims, and the logo zooms out in a box to make room for "PRESENTA" below the logo.

Technique: The flipping.

Music/Sounds: A hip-hop tune.

Availability: Seen on Marketing Video Home releases from the era.


Logo: On a yellow background with a peach border on the left and right of the screen, we see a white rounded square with a red border and three horizontal lines inside it. Then, the word "MARKETING", in grey, flies up from the bottom of the square to the top third of the square whilst vertically flipping. This is followed by the words "VIDEO" and "HOME", in black, flipping up and down from the center line respectively, resulting in the following:


The screen then zooms outwards to reveal a black background and the word "PRESENTA", in white, below the zoomed-out screen.

Technique: Primitive computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A chill-sounding beat consisting of a bass, a synthesizer, and some sort of percussion instrument.

Availability: Appears on at least one VHS tape, which is an Argentine release of Wild beasts - Belve feroci (1984).

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