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(2000, 2002)

Bumper: On a black background, we see "DVD" spinning around in some way.

  • Version 1: On a space background, the word flies in a circle once before stopping.
  • Version 2: On a green marble background, the word slowly spins once.
  • Version 3: The word spins and zooms up to the screen until it materializes away.
  • Version 4: The word spins a couple of times while moving around.

Trivia: The space background in the first variant is taken from a screensaver authoring program called PhotoOp. Many of the DVDs that use this bumper have screensavers made with said software.

Technique: 3D computer animation.


  • Version 1: The first few seconds of the Trisan Editores logo music.
  • Version 2: Bell chimes, ripped from Der Glöckner von Notre Dame.
  • Version 3: The last several seconds of the Trisan Editores logo music.
  • Version 4: None.

Availability: Uncommon. Seen at the beginning of some DVDs released by the company.

  • Version 1: The most common. Can be seen on Pocahontas and Der König der Tiere II.
  • Version 2: Only known to have been used on Der Glöckner von Notre Dame. This was also repurposed for the Kids Play logo.
  • Version 3: Can be seen on Dinos and Winkie der Kleine Bär.
  • Version 4: This appears before the start menu of the minigame compilation/screensaver program included with some of the DVDs, though not all releases with it use this logo.
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