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MarVista Entertainment is an American production company, based in Westwood, Los Angeles, California. The company mainly provides financing and some original content, mainly made-for-TV films and direct-to-SVOD titles, many of which are carried by networks such as Lifetime, along with Netflix, Ion Television and Hallmark Channel. It was founded in 2003 by Fernando Joseph Szew and Michael Jacobs. Since 2021, it is a subsidiary of Fox Corporation and operates under the Fox Entertainment division.

1st Logo (May 7, 2005-December 15, 2012)

Logo: In a white background, we can see a box, that has an ocean, a rock and a yellow sky with moving clouds and sun setting. The text "MARVISTA" fades in slowly and rippling. A white flash occurs, and the box is now a more modernistic-looking, with a red sunset sky, simpler rock and ocean, and the "MARVISTA" text is now white. Another text saying "entertainment" fades in under the box.


  • An almost-still version exists, where the only animation is the ocean and clouds.
  • A variant exists where in a black background, we see "DISTRIBUTED EXCLUSIVELY BY" in white. The screen fades on the logo.
  • In 16 Wishes, the red URL "" fade at the same time as "entertainment".
  • Starting in 2010, the logo was upgraded to have a more visible rock texture and a more orange sky. The flash wipes out the screen in white.
  • A shortened version of the upgraded variant exists.

Technique: The ocean, clouds and sun moving, as well as the rippling of the "MARVISTA" text, "entertainment" fading in, and the white flash.

Music/Sounds: The sounds of the ocean waves followed by a synth note, the end theme of the movie, or none.

Availability: Seen in MarVista releases from the time.

  • The "DISTRIBUTED EXCLUSIVELY BY" variant was spotted on a trailer for Love Thy Neighbour.
  • Current prints of 16 Wishes use the almost-still variant, with the URL removed.
  • The shortened version was spotted on The N's Beyond the Break.

2nd Logo (2011-2020)

Logo: We see a sunset ocean, as the camera points up. We see the rock and the sun, as well as the text "MARVISTA ENTERTAINMENT" rippling from the ocean. The sun's lens flare flashes the screen to a black background, where we see a red-yellow gradient half-circle, with a drawn rock and ocean. We see the text "MARVISTA ENTERTAINMENT" in white below.

Variant: A shortened version exists.

Technique: The CGI animated ocean, the camera moving and the lens flash.

Music/Sounds: An orchestrated theme with a drum chick at the end, or the end theme of the movie. There is also a short version as well.

Availability: Seen on MarVista releases from the time, which in most cases often airs on Lifetime, LMN, UP and Hallmark Channel. The shortened version was spotted on some prints of Disney Channel's Zapped, among others.

3rd Logo (2018-)

Logo: In a black background, we can see a half circle, with a rock and ocean, as well as the words "MARVISTA ENTERTAINMENT", all in white zooming in slowly.

Variant: The color of the logo and sometimes, the background varies.

Technique: The logo zooming in.

Music/Sounds: The beginning of the trailer.

Availability: Current. It can be seen on trailers from recent MarVista releases.

4th Logo (2020-)

Logo: On a white background, we quickly zoom away a grey rock in the sea until a comfortable distance is reached, with "MARVISTA" at the end. Shorty after, a small "ENTERTAINMENT" fades below.

Technique: All CGI. A mass improvement from the second logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the second logo.

Availability: Current. It can be seen on newer MarVista releases. You may find this logo on Lifetime, LMN, UP, Hallmark Channel and Peacock.

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