Manley & Associates

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Manley & Associates was a video game developer founded in 1982, and gained the above name in 1992. They were acquired by Electronic Arts on January 29, 1996 and became "EA Seattle". They developed the first Need for Speed games under EA, but were dissolved in 2002.

(November 1993-August 1994)

Logo: We see a purple gradient box divided into two parts, with its upper-left corner cut off. The name in the lower part reads "MANLEY & ASSOCIATES INC". In the upper part, a letter "M" poses, with a gold striped clapperboard attached open to its prolonged side. A silver ball lies inside the clapperboard, which jumps when the clapperboard claps.

Variant: An enhanced animated logo was seen on Dinopark Tycoon for 3DO. The noticeable difference is that the ball has a shadow behind.

Technique: The clapperboard clapping.

Music/Sounds: None or the clap sound.

Availability: Seen on Pink Goes to Hollywood, Dinopark Tycoon and An American Tail: Fievel Goes West.

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