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Manish Films is a film company founded by Indian film director Shibu Mitra.

1st Logo (July 1, 1981)


Logo: We see on a dark room a supposed big circle. When the candle, above the table, is turned up, we see that the big circle is part of a statue; the statue is a Goddess with lots of weapons (sword, bow and arrows, tridents...) in her arms, and riding a tiger. Below the statue we see yellow flowers and one red rose and other pink one, which are behind the candle. All that mentioned before is above a table with red altar roth. Suddenly, we see "MANISH FILMS" zooming in after appearing with a blur effect.

Trivia: This woman is Durga, the Goddess of Victory of Good over Evil.

Technique: Live action.

Music/Sounds: After four seconds of silence, we hear a very ominous orchestra fanfare which gets more sinister towards the ending, composed by Bappi Lahiri, The same fanfare plays during the beginning of the opening credits of the film.

Availability: Rare. Only seen on Paanch Qaidi.

2nd Logo (1985, 1989)

Logo: We see a different statue of Durga on a tiger, but now on a podium on a stage or something like that (instead on a dark room). Then the text "MANISH FILMS" fades under the goddess.

Variant: In Meri Zabaan, the lights are white and illuminate intensely, and the text appear in a blur effect, like the previous logo. The text also says "MANISH MOVIES" instead of "MANISH FILMS"

Technique: Live action.


  • Maa Kasam: A relaxing flute melody, which is followed by other chord instrument.
  • Meri Zabaan: A fragment from the Sham Ralhan Pictures logo music, which would be used lately by Baldevjiu Productions and Kalamat Productions.

Availability: The Manish Movies variant is seen on Meri Zabaan and the original Manish Films variant is seen on Maa Kasam.

3rd Logo (October 12, 2001)


Logo: On a wall of orange background and red mountains, we see a poster of Durga riding a tiger. At the left side we see incense sticks burning, and in front of the poster we see some red and yellow apples. "MANISH FILMS" in yellow is below the poster.

Technique: Live action.

Music/Sounds: A happy melody made by a synth.

Availability: Seen only on Kasam.

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