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Malibu Video was an Israeli home video distributor.


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Logo: The logo consists of a sun, a palm tree and a kneeling woman wearing a leotard next to it. Above the sun is the arched words "MALIBU VIDEO". Then, the words "מליבו וידאו " wipe in to the sides of the logo. All of this occurs over a cloud background. Then we cut to a montage of various films:

  • A man firing an assault rifle while an elderly woman escapes from a thug
  • A closeup of fangs, which leads into a young-looking creature getting showered with bugs
  • A ninja fight on a beach
  • A police car jumping over a fence
  • A World War 2-era Japanese assault on a tropical area (identified as being the film Maharlika)

After that, we go back to the logo again.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: "Please Don't Stop" by Aladdin's Magic Rub.

Availability: May be seen on their releases.

Legacy: The song used in this logo was previously unidentified and became a lost media mystery.

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