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28 March 2023

     05:40 Move log Camenati talk contribs moved page Quantum Films to Draft:Quantum Films(Unfinished page)
     05:39  Quantum Films diffhist +10 Camenati talk contribs
     05:37  Walt Disney Home Entertainment International/Warning Screens‎‎ 2 changes history +128 [JustinPerezisback‎ (2×)]
05:37 (cur | prev) +109 JustinPerezisback talk contribs (→‎Philippines)
01:26 (cur | prev) +19 JustinPerezisback talk contribs (→‎1st Warning (1995?-2005))
     05:19  Modern Cartoons‎‎ 2 changes history +202 [Dexter's Mom‎ (2×)]
05:19 (cur | prev) +21 Dexter's Mom talk contribs
05:16 (cur | prev) +181 Dexter's Mom talk contribs
Nm   05:06  User talk:IDENTfan111 diffhist +159 New user message talk contribs (Adding welcome message to new user's talk page)
     05:06  (User creation log) [Mkomlofske073189‎; IDENTfan111‎]
05:06 User account IDENTfan111 talk contribs was created ‎
02:07 User account Mkomlofske073189 talk contribs was created ‎
     04:13  AVID:Requests for Comment/Official AVID Subreddit‎‎ 4 changes history +1,403 [Trevor807‎; Friendly Mountain12‎; EternityMediaGroup‎; Compooper‎]
04:13 (cur | prev) +785 Friendly Mountain12 talk contribs (→‎Abstain)
03:02 (cur | prev) +114 Compooper talk contribs (→‎Oppose)
02:02 (cur | prev) +196 Trevor807 talk contribs (→‎Oppose)
02:00 (cur | prev) +308 EternityMediaGroup talk contribs
     04:05  Alliance Atlantis diffhist +102 Nordlentille talk contribs (→‎3rd Logo (November 1999-2005))
     04:04  BBC One diffhist +1 Buzzfan120 talk contribs
     03:02  Outerbanks Entertainment diffhist +192 Compooper talk contribs (redo)
     02:47  Trinity Broadcasting Network‎‎ 6 changes history +1,564 [TheLogoFan2004‎ (6×)]
02:47 (cur | prev) +76 TheLogoFan2004 talk contribs
02:35 (cur | prev) +8 TheLogoFan2004 talk contribs
02:34 (cur | prev) +8 TheLogoFan2004 talk contribs
02:32 (cur | prev) +2 TheLogoFan2004 talk contribs
02:31 (cur | prev) +8 TheLogoFan2004 talk contribs (→‎Background)
02:30 (cur | prev) +1,462 TheLogoFan2004 talk contribs
     02:37  Best Brains diffhist +70 Ry2ThaF89 talk contribs (→‎Background) Tag: Visual edit
     02:36  Vestron Video diffhist +54 Nordlentille talk contribs (→‎Background: this is NOT vandalism, they distributed Penthouse releases as well)
     02:16  (Upload log) [NorthMountainFilms‎; Camenati‎]
02:16 NorthMountainFilms talk contribs uploaded File:BBC World News Theme 2004.mp3(BBC World News theme, used from the beginning of 2004 to 2007.)
01:55 Camenati talk contribs uploaded File:WKNO (2013) (From - GardenSMART episode 3207).png(File uploaded with MsUpload)
     02:16  Draft:Télé Congo diffhist +25 Tanawat2002 talk contribs
N    02:16  Draft:Nigerian Television diffhist +623 Tanawat2002 talk contribs (Created page with "{{Draft}} {{PageCredits|compiled=|description=|capture=TeleRarities|video=|edits=Tanawat2002}} === (May 1977-1978) === {{MIA}} (Fifth image in<br> '''Logo:''' On a black background, we see the text "'''NTV'''" in a large font, which is above a transmitter tower and an emblem. '''Technique''': Unknown. '''Music/Sounds''': Unknown. '''Availability''': Completely extinct. It was only recently discovere...")
N    02:16  Draft:CLT diffhist +602 Tanawat2002 talk contribs (Created page with "{{Draft}} {{PageCredits|compiled=|description=|capture=TeleRarities|video=|edits=Tanawat2002}} === (1975) === {{MIA}} (Fourth image in<br> '''Logo:''' On a gray background, we see a stylized symbol (possibly a CP ligature) with Arabic text overlapping it. '''Technique''': Unknown. '''Music/Sounds''': Unknown. '''Availability''': Completely extinct. It was only recently discovered by TeleRarities in...")
     02:16  ABC National IDs diffhist +46 NorthMountainFilms talk contribs
     02:16  Bahrain Television diffhist +516 Tanawat2002 talk contribs
     02:16  Belarusian Television diffhist +622 Tanawat2002 talk contribs
     02:16  Shondaland diffhist −12 AnaBiaFlower talk contribs
     02:16  Nick Jr. Productions diffhist +24 AnaBiaFlower talk contribs
N    02:16  User:Mkomlofske073189 diffhist 0 Mkomlofske073189 talk contribs (create user page)
N    02:16  User:Mkomlofske073189/sandbox diffhist +65 Mkomlofske073189 talk contribs (Just wondering what the hell is going on with the singers?)
Nm   02:07  User talk:Mkomlofske073189 diffhist +183 New user message talk contribs (Adding welcome message to new user's talk page)
     02:01  Lightstorm Entertainment diffhist −125 A. Smithee talk contribs (→‎1st Logo (1993, 2009))
     01:55  File:WKNO (2013) (From - GardenSMART episode 3207).png diffhist +39 Camenati talk contribs
     01:55  WKNO diffhist +40 Camenati talk contribs
 m   01:20  Bryanston Pictures diffhist 0 EliasTheLogoRemaker talk contribs (→‎2nd Logo (1975-1976): There was a typo in the description) Tag: Visual edit
     00:22  Ear Booker Productions‎‎ 2 changes history +162 [Cattotld‎; BaldiBasicsFan‎]
00:22 (cur | prev) −248 Cattotld talk contribs
00:19 (cur | prev) +410 BaldiBasicsFan talk contribs (→‎(September 13-December 6, 1997))
     00:11  User:Tanawat2002/List of international TV footage yet to be found diffhist +1,850 Tanawat2002 talk contribs

27 March 2023

     23:36 Block log IAmThe789Guy talk contribs blocked Justalogokid38 talk contribs with an expiration time of indefinite (account creation disabled, email disabled, cannot edit own talk page) ‎(Abusing multiple accounts: Yet another Jack Norris sockpuppet.)
 m   23:35  ASCII Entertainment diffhist +2 RSX-798 talk contribs (→‎2nd Logo (December 31, 1995-October 31, 1996))
 m   23:22  American International Pictures diffhist +32 LompocStudios2013 talk contribs (→‎4th Logo (October 1963-April 1966))
     23:17  Motion International‎‎ 2 changes history +356 [TrademarkMagic04‎ (2×)]
23:17 (cur | prev) −23 TrademarkMagic04 talk contribs
23:17 (cur | prev) +379 TrademarkMagic04 talk contribs
     23:08  Les Productions Coscient Inc. diffhist −1 TrademarkMagic04 talk contribs (→‎(August 28, 1989-1999))
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