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Magnolia Home Entertainment is Magnolia Pictures' home entertainment division.

(January 17, 2006-)


Logo: It begins with a zooming-out DVD on a dark backdrop, exposing "Magnolia" behind it. There are several CG light effects utilised. As the words "home entertainment" type in beneath the DVD, it moves toward the left side of "Magnolia." As the DVD transforms into the Magnolia logo, the lighting effects fade, revealing the logo. Then, behind "Magnolia Home Entertainment," a white lighting effect shines across.

Variant: The CGI in early DVDs is different.

FX/SFX: Lighting effects created with computer graphics. It's a vast improvement over the film logo.

Music/Sounds: Some whooshes and typewriting noises.

Availability: Common. This logo first appeared on the DVD of Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and has subsequently appeared on many Magnolia DVDs and Blu-rays such as Hank and Mike, What Just Happened, Two Lovers, Life Itself, Blackfish, and others. Surprisingly, this isn't shown on the special 2013 VHS of V/H/S, most likely because the logo depicts a DVD.

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