Magic World of Love

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Logo: A multi-colored, merged "Magic" text slides in from the right corner of the screen with a star hitting the letter "M" and falling down. When the logo finishes flying, more stars are seen flying around the logo with one exploding on the letter "c" and becoming a set of fireworks before unveiling "WORLD" in a small size. Then, red bubbles appear from the bottom, transforming into "of Love". More set of bubbles would float into the air, this time with a white color, and would burst at the top of the screen. Another star appears flying around before exploding on top of the letter "a" where it becomes fire. A few seconds later, the flames and the smaller text wipe out, with "Magic" as the remaining text left and is seen spinning clockwise and sliding close to the camera before zooming off into the distance. "present's:" with a yellow shadow appears before dissolving away.

Technique: Primitive animation.

Music/Sounds: A ray sound for the first several seconds of the logo accompanied with explosions when the stars burst. It transform into an upbeat song with some sounds heard until "Magic" zooms away from the camera. At this point, the ray sound returns and the track is replaced with a soft tune.

Availability: Unknown. Can be seen on pornographic tapes from the company.

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