Madison 23

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Madison 23 Productions was a subsidiary of Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions that lasted from 2007-2009. While its parent company was aimed towards comedy films, Madison 23 was aimed towards drama films. Only two films were produced under this label, which were Reign Over Me and Funny People. Sandler retired the Madison 23 name as both films were unsuccessful at the box office.

(March 23, 2007)

Madison 23 (2007).jpeg

Logo: On an old brick wall, we see a gold outline, with the words "MADISON 23" in the same golden color as the outline. The light spot moves slowly by the top border, as the logo zooms out.

Technique: The light moving.

Music/Sounds: A lush string bell/flute note.

Availability: Very rare. Only seen on the 2007 film Reign Over Me.

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