MTG Modern Games

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MTG Modern Games was a short-lived video game division of Swedish media conglomerate, Modern Times Group AB, infamous for the movie-based game, Beyond the Law: The Third Wave.

(October 13, 2003)

Logo: In the darkness, we see a face of a plastic doll creepily smiling at the camera with the flashlight trembling and flickering from below. After few seconds, we zoom on the doll's face before cutting to the LED-drawn version of the doll's face from before with "MODERN GAMES" in the tall, blocky font below, trembling and flickering, all in white; and after another few seconds, we cut back to the doll again, but it quickly lunges towards the camera and shaking horizontally (as if he was running) before cutting to black.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: An ominous horror-type music accompanied by buzzes from of the flashlight, and ending with a screech-like sting that abruptly cuts off.

Availability: So far only appeared in Beyond the Law: The Third Wave (Den Tredje Vågen). It may also appear in other games.

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