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MCA Music Inc. was originally formed in 1993 as Polycosmic Records, a joint company between Polygram Records and Cosmic Records. In 1999, after the purchase of Polygram by Universal Music Group, the company was renamed to MCA Music Inc., in order to not have legal issues with another Filipino music publisher, Universal Records. The name was used until 2017, when the company changed it's name to UMG Philippines/UMUSIC Philippines.



Logo: On a black background, a blurry image of the 1997 Universal print logo, with "MCA MUSIC INC." and "UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP" in white written below it, fade in.


  • On some promos, the logo is stretched.
  • A variant exists, where the logo is on a white background and the text is in black.
  • Another variant exists, where a red line animates on the top left corner left to right, revealing the text "Special thanks to:" in black.
  • On a concert promo, the logo is superimposed, with the text below it written in black and "Brought to you by" in baby blue written on top of the logo.

Technique: Simple animation.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the promo.

Availability: Common. Appears on promotional material from the company.

MCA Music Inc. (Philippines)
UMG Philippines
UMUSIC Philippines
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