MAQ Productions Inc.

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Logo: On a blue/violet sky with a sand surface, a sphere comes out with its shadow illuminating the surface, and moves to the center. A flash appears and disappears from behind. The sphere slices into three pieces, which then turn into spheres. All these spheres start forming the word "MAQ" in an elegant font, and when it's formed, it shines. "PRODUCTIONS INC.", in yellow, slides in below the logo.

Technique: 1990s CGI. Nothing impressive to see here, but the logo's still good for a Filipino film of the time.


  • On some films such as Ligaw na Bala: Lt. Alexander Lademor, the blue/green-yellow sky tint is used.
  • A short version appeared on Kung Alam Mo Lang and Bawal Mahalin, Bawal Ibigin.
  • At the end of Happily Ever After and Say That You Love Me (the company's final film), a still image of the MAQ Productions logo scrolls up the credits.

Music/Sounds: It starts with a creepy-sounding bell tune, accompanied by some strings. A rising sound plays after the bell, and the strings turn into a synth fanfare. A ping is also heard. This music is sometimes also used in Regal Films' 1993-1998 "Crown In Space" logo. In other films, the logo is silent.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On Batang Z, it starts with a warbling sound followed by a thud sound where the ball stops then we hear a computer-like sound at the point where the logo is formed and "Productions Inc". slides in.
  • On Moises Arcangel: Sa Guhit ng Bala, it uses the sci-fi laser sound when the MAQ logo formed followed by computer sound when it shines and Productions Inc. whoosh appended to the original theme.
  • On Araw-Araw, Gabi-Gabi, a dramatic fanfare with different zaps was heard.
  • On Wating (the company's first film), a majestic synth fanfare which almost sounds like the Sam Po Film Co. logo with computer sounds being heard.
  • On Spirit Warriors, some dark sounds and dark whoosh were heard.
  • On Mano Po 3: My Love, a loud Chinese gong was heard.
  • On Say That You Love Me (the company’s final film), a dreamy calm fanfare with a flute tune was heard.
  • On Abuso: Case #6433, a bright synth note followed by a synth drone which is also used on Buffalo Bill Films International was heard.

Availability: Can be found on most Filipino films during the mid-1990s to the 2000s. Examples include Nasaan Ang Puso, Sa Kabilugan Ng Buwan and Spirit Warriors.

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