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This was the home video banner of Lucky Red. In 2000, the company began using their standard film logo as a de facto home video logo.


Lucky Red Home Video logo.jpg

Logo: We open with a camera shot of a dusky sky with leaves falling downward. The shot zooms outwards to reveal shadows of a mountain range (complete with mists) with a forest just below. Then it starts to go downward, breezing past tree branches and tops of trees, until it stops on a surface of water (possibly a lake). On the surface are various leaves floating about and a koi fish /goldfish idly swimming through the lake. Four leaves of differing sizes (red, orange, yellow, and gold) start to move together. The leaves immediately turn into drawn-out lines that form the sides of a square. The words "LUCKY RED" appear on either side of the logo in white as the leaves-on-the-water background quickly dissolves into a white background. A rectangle is drawn around the logo, with "HOME VIDEO" flipping in letter-by-letter underneath it, and the koi fish swims in front of the logo once more.

Technique: Leaves falling from the sky, the fish swimming near the surface of the water, the four leaves moving towards one another to make the logo. Beautiful CGI that's ahead of its time, done by Direct2Brain.

Music/Sounds: A calm piano tune that crescendos into a string fanfare, which then re-adds the piano into it.

Availability: Common. Mostly found on VHS tapes (and possibly, early DVDs) of films (Italian and foreign) that are released by this company.

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