Loews Super Surround Stereo

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Before it was rebranded as Sony Theatres, Loews Theatres commissioned a "Loews Super Surround Stereo" bumper to promote stereo sound in its theatres.

(1990s-August 1994)

Loews Super Surround Stereo.png

Logo: A red sphere is in the center of a rotating light blue "O", similar to the start of the 1985 Loews Theatres opening. The screen and the sphere zoom away as the "O" becomes part of "SUPER SURROUND". Blue lasers form a blue/pink Loews logo above "SUPER SURROUND", and "stereo" materializes below. The logo shines for several more seconds.

Technique: Cel animation by Cinema Concepts.

Music/Sounds: A majestic synth fanfare.

Availability: Extinct, although it was also spotted on bootleg VHS of The Lion King, preceding a Columbia TriStar Home Video logo, due to the film being captuted on a Loews theatre, and recorded over a tape with the aforementioned logo in it.

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