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Loco Motion Pictures (Canada) and Broken Saw


Loco Motion Pictures is a Canadian independent production company located in the Greater Toronto Area. The company did not yet have an onscreen logo up to until around 2017 with the debut of the web comedy series Hit on Me.


Logo: We see the large, stylized word


in a crude handwritten-esque font, almost like it was written out of chalk. Below the first two letters of the word, are the tilted words:


in Arial Light.

Variant: On Detention Adventure, the logo is seen in-credit beside the Broken Compass Films logo in pink on the first season and red on the second season.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show/movie.

Availability: Ultra common. Can be seen on films and shows produced from Loco including Hit On Me, Leah Cameron's documentary series The Communist's Daughter on PBS's WNED-TV, Beattie and May, The Motorcycle Project, What God Did, How To Buy A Baby, Pull Yourself Together and as well on other contents. The superimposed in-credit version can be seen on My 90-Year Old Roommate, Detention Adventure and Fertillfamily.

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