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Susan Wade

1st Logo (early 1990s? - 1992?)

Logo: We see footage from the first logo for Video-Rodven, though text reading "LOBIT", in white and the same font used for VCRs, appears and is overlaid on the footage after the rainbow TV tube is done zooming in. After the four tubes join together, the text disappears, and the text "PRODUCCIONES", in the same color and font, appears at the bottom of the screen. The screen then abruptly transitions to the text "PRESENTA", in the same styling as the other text, overlaid on a pink background.

Technique: Footage from the first logo for Video-Rodven and primitive computer effects.

Music/Sounds: A rather menacing synth piece which abruptly stops when the show footage stops appearing to instead play a fanfare of some sort for the rest of the logo. A zapping noise also plays when the four tubes glow.

Availability: Seen on at least two movies, those being Del Hotel a la Calle IV and Topless y Risas.

2nd Logo (1992? - ????)

Logo: On a beige background, we see a green, cracked stone rectangle swoop down from the top-left of the screen. The text "LOBIT INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION", in white and with black shadows, fades in on the rectangle. The text then fades out after approximately three seconds before the text "Presenta" fades in before fading out after approximately three seconds. The rectangle then zooms out while vertically flipping.

Technique: Primitive computer animation.

Music/Sounds: An excerpt of Beethoven's "Symphony No. 5".

Availability: Seen on at least one movie, that being Las Tortugas Locas.

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