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The "Liliput Kinder-Video" series was a series of half-hour videocassettes in cardboard sleeves, published by "Telepictures Video-Productions- und Vertriebs GmbH" in Würzburg (later Gerbrunn). Various cartoons have been released in this series:

  • Episodes of the animated series " Ferdy ".
  • Film adaptations of fairy tales and children's books, including from the Japanese series " Manga Sekai Mukashi Banashi " (1976-79), but also material of French or Russian origin.
  • Various old American cartoons, mostly material whose American copyright has expired. Including some black and white cartoons as well as original color cartoons that appeared here only in black and white (with tint). The synchronization usually takes some getting used to.
  • Footage from the American TV series " When Funnies Were Funny " (1974), which consisted of color remakes of old black and white cartoons.

The first 20 cassettes had sleeves with a red background, later cassettes and reissues appeared with yellow backgrounds. Some of the covers were also redrawn for the new editions.

Various radio play cassettes were also released under the "Liliput" label.

1st Logo (1980s)

Liliput Produktion .jpg

Logo: On a grass background, we see Ferdy the Ladybug dancing then she dances with the butterfly. Then another shot of the grass background, Ferdy plays the guitar along with the other insects marching with the Liliput Produktion logo moves in.

Technique: Cel animation.

Music/Sounds: A catchy simple tune sung by children "Liliput-Kassetten die machen uns Spaß, weil sie nur für uns Kinder sind. Ja es ist so schön bei uns in Liliput, und wir Kinder finden Liliput gut. Jawohl". (Liliput cassettes, they're fun because they're only for us children. Yes, it's so nice here in Liliput, and we children like Liliput. Yes, sir.) Then, an announcer says in German, TBA.

Legacy: This logo features Ferdy the Ladybug and their insect friends.

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