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1st Logo (1970's-1990's)

Opening Logo: On a zooming space background, an simplified side profile view of Jesus Christ's head is seen in black and outlined in white. After a few seconds, gold sparkles wipe in over his face, before solidifying into normal gold shapes. The top shape is a bow with "REDEMPTIONISTS" over the limb area, while the bottom shape is an arrow with a cross-shaped end and has "THE GOOD NEWS" over the shaft. Both are diagonally set. After a few seconds, it then fades to a different space background with a upper body shot of Jesus holding the bow and arrow and pulling back slightly, still all in black with white outlines. The shot then rotates to the end of the arrow and the arrow is shot, leading "LIGUORI PUBLICATIONS PRESENTS" to zoom in, all in a gold Helvetica font with "PRESENTS" in a much smaller print. It then fades out to leave room for another credit for Redemptorist Pastoral Communications.

Closing Logo: On a black background, the "Bowman Jesus" is seen inside a red TV tube-like shape with the arrow poking out. It zooms out to the top of the screen, with several yellow outlines of the tube shape following it. They disappear after they hit the tube, and then the yellow stacked text "REDEMPTORIST PASTORAL COMMUNICATIONS" flash in below the logo. A copyright for Liguori Publications appears below.

Technique: The zooming space background, the bow and arrow wiping in, Jesus turning. For the end, the logo zooming out.

Music/Sounds: A orchestral fanfare building up during the beginning, and then ending with a 2-note flourish. The closing logo has several synth and string instruments playing, having a proud orchestral burst when the text flashes in.

Availability: Ultra rare. Appears on several tapes of the time, including A Child's First Penance and You Drink! You Drive! You Die!.

2nd Logo (1990's)

Opening Logo: On a different space background with shooting streaks, several yellow streaks fly into the center as a yellow light fills the top half of the screen. A small flash appear in the center, and 2 tube shapes come spinning towards the screen, with the gold being stationary, and the white spinning around it. A white CGI version of the "Bowman Jesus" zooms and rotates straight out, with the tubes fitting around it as well. "Liguori" in a Times New Roman font with golden fronts and silver trails, zooms out and moves from the right, and "Publications" in the same style does the same, but from the left. As they settle, the words shine.

Closing Logo: On a black background, the logo is seen already formed, and then the text "REDEMPTORIST PASTORAL COMMUNICATIONS" flies in under the logo. A copyright date then appears below.

Technique: The streaks coming in, the tubes spinning, the Jesus zooming out. For the end, the text flying in.

Music/Sounds: A series of twinkles play 1st, followed by a loud whoosh when the tubes zoom in. 2 notes then play, followed by a synth flourish. Another whoosh then plays, then a repeating set of notes plays even after the logo fades out. The closing logo has a held-out high note, which is followed with a cymbal crash.

Availability: Very rare. Can be seen on several VHS tapes from them during this period, and also appears to be run in tandem with the 1st logo.

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