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jteka9870 and ThisBoyForHire100

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Lifehouse Film is a German distribution company founded in 1997. It is the main distributor for episodes of the Christian TV show VeggieTales in Germany.

1st Logo (2006-2010)

Lifehouse Film.png

Note: The logo can be played at 0:55 in the video above

Logo: We fade in to see a red rectangle on a white background. Suddenly, a cracks appears as the camera shakes a few times. After the third time, the pieces shatter to reveal the white flower inside the rectangle. The rectangle moves left as the words reveal "LIFEHOUSE FILM". They fade out, except the white background.

Technique: The cracks, the pieces, and the words revealing.

Music/Sounds: The cracking sounds, followed by the sound of shattering when the logo breaks out, and a small "swoosh" when the text appears.

Availability: Seen on DVD's distributed by this company, such as VeggieTales from 2009-2010.

Legacy: While it is bright it will still get to many, due to the sudden breaking of the logo.

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