Lien Sing Film Co.

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Descriptions by
Dr Cow Andrew, Mikal2019 and ThatBelarusDude

Captures by
Dr Cow Andrew and ThatBelarusDude

Editions by

Video captures courtesy of
Nick Lang/dire398 and Santiago Reveco Lepe Reborn

1st Logo (1969?)

Lian Xing Film Company (c 1969).png

Logo: On a starfield, we see golden censer zooming in with burning fire. The company's name in red and in Mandarin zooms in letter-by-letter from right to left and stop at the right side of censer. After 26 seconds, it fades to black.

Technique: Live action for the censer, 2D animation for the text and the starfield.

Music/Sounds: The known portion of Sunrise from "Also Sprach Zarathrustra" by Richard Strauss after we hear 6 timpani hits at the start.

Availability: Ultra rare.

2nd Logo (1979)

Lian Xing Film Company (1981).webp

Logo: We start on a red background with some Chinese text, along with the English translation of the company name below. On a few seconds, we cut to the opening scene.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The remade music of the Sing Hai logo.

Availability: Rare, May be seen on Beauty Escort (aka Samurai Death Bells).

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