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Liberty Records was a music label founded in 1955 by Simon Waronker. The company had acquired Pacific Jazz and Imperial Records. The company was acquired by Transamerica Corporation (then-owners of United Artists) in 1968 and in 1971, it was absorbed into UA's record label. In 1979, EMI acquired the United Artists label and in the following year, they dropped the UA name and revived the Liberty name for use on reissues of records from Liberty, UA and Imperial and was used as a label from 1980-1984 for EMI brand Capitol Records. In 1991, EMI renamed the Capitol Nashville label to Liberty Records and was used until 1995. And in 2001, the Liberty name was used one more time for "heritage acts" in the U.K.


Logo: On a pistachio green background is a rounded rectangle with black bordering. Inside is a stylized picture of the Statue of Liberty with a sky blue background. Below that is a box with a white background with the word "LIBERTY" with lines above and below the name and with white shadow effects.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The opening soundtrack.

Availability: Only known to have been used on an industrial film from 1966.

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