Lavoa Motion Picture Production

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Descriptions by

Captures by
Henrynguye5, MizukiAccent48, BlueMickeey634

Editions by
Henrynguye5, MizukiAccent48, and Makoto Yuki Studio

Video captures courtesy of
LeIDBasher, AMLA Studios

(November 6(?), 1957-January 11, 1975)

Logo: We see the model of a traditional golden Thai temple over a pedestal surrounding it with the text on Thai in golden-beige superimposing its borders situated on a blue background, staying still until it fade to black.


  • The spotlights may be vary.
  • Originally, the temple was white, the pedestal was slightly higher, and it had a sunrise background.
  • The 1975 version has the logo is darker, the text cropped out, and the temple model is slightly green.

Trivia: The temple is Phra Prang Sam Yot, located in Lopburi, Thailand.

Technique: Live-action.

Music/Sounds: An inspired Thai-like fanfare which gets more dramatic as the logo goes.

Availability: Very rare. Examples are Chaloeisak, Money, Money, Money, and Operation Revenge.

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