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CooleyBoy10 and others

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Editions by
Ryan Froula and SuperMax124

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Lantern Entertainment is an independent film production studio, founded on July 16, 2018 in Dallas, Texas by Andy Mitchell and Milos Brajovic; and owned by Lantern Capital Partners. They are the current owners of The Weinstein Company's assets, as it was bought in a bankruptcy auction following its collapse.

(December 21, 2018- )

Logo: We start with a gold flash and the camera zooms out to reveal a glowing box over a river. The camera turns as the rectangle glows even more and then pans across, as we see the rectangle is a stylized "LE" (similar to the Eric Lieber Productions logo), with the stacked text "LANTERN ENTERTAINMENT" underneath it.

Variant: A short version exists.

FX/SFX: Great CGI. This was made by Antenna Creative, the same studio that designed the logo for Amazon Studios.

Music/Sounds: A five-note piano theme (with a gap between the first two) and a swirling ambient section, combined with ocean wave sounds.

Availability: Current. First spotted on Disney Channel and Freeform broadcasts of Paddington, preceding the TWC-Dimension logo. It is currently seen at the start of newer prints of TWC movies, such as Freevee prints of Leo the Lion before the TWC logo. This also appears on The Upside, a Weinstein holdover; don't expect to see this on other post-TWC Lantern films, as they now use the Spyglass Media Group label for film production, and Polaroid just has the Dimension Films logo while The Current War has either the 101 Studios logo on American prints, or the SMG logo internationally.

Legacy: Gorgeous and nicely-animated, this logo is a worthy successor to its tarnished predecessor.

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