LR3 Radio Belgrano Televisión

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LR3 Radio Belgrano Televisión was an Argentine TV station founded in 1951 in Buenos Aires. In 1961, it was renamed to Canal 7.


Logo: We see the number 7 on white, in a black circle with gray outline. Then the camera zooms out to the 7 to follow a static-like circle (it's mostly used for first ever USA logos), with some diagonal lines and the texts "LR3" on top left, "TV" on top right, "BUENOS AIRES" on bottom left and finally on the bottom right, "RADIO BELGRANO", the name of the company. The camera then zooms out further to reveal the rest of the static circle, which is on a gray background with black-cross-like holder things (possibly the wall?) and the shadow of the static circle on the leftmost side of the screen.

Technique: Camera-controlled animation.

Music/Sounds: A voiceover slowly reading the company's name, it's transmitter and it's channel number, and the place where it comes from (LR3 Radio Belgrano LS82 TV Canal 7 Buenos Aires).

Availability: Long extinct.

LR3 Radio Belgrano Televisión
Canal 7 (1959-1978)
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