L'Équipe Spectra

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Background: L'Équipe Spectra was created in 1979 by French-Canadian producer Alain Simard in Montréal after the acquisition of Spectel Vidéo. They have not used a closing logo until 1993.

(1993-Late 2000s)

L'equipe Spectra.png

Note: The logo can be seen at the end of this video

Logo: On a black blackground, we see a thick black line flipping and twisting as the background changes into pink, white, red, etc. As it turns silver, the line turns into a smiling note as the words "L'ÉQUIPE SPECTRA" zoom into view and settle under the happy note aligned like this:


The smiling note has a white circular shadow in the center. Sometimes, a copyright date in Roman numerals would appear under it.

Technique: The line flipping and twisting, the background changing colors, all CGI.

Music/Sounds: A wavy, longitudinal tune with harp ending and a single noisy piano note as the smiling note forms. In other cases, is the ending theme of the live concert.

Availability: Found on any documentary and musical show made by the company (except those produced by Films Zingaro and Sogestalt 2001).

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