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Nicknames: "The Bowman Centaur", "The (Kyron) Centaur"

Logo: The camera slowly zooms out over a blue square with rounded edges with a white minimalistic silhouette of a centaur with a bow. Below is "KYRON" in black and in a corporate font. The "R" is cut off by a quarter. Below the "O" is "HOME VIDEO" in very small letters, and a Registered mark on a corner of the "N".

FX/SFX: A simple zoom-out.


  • A few videos have the logo still.
  • After the multi-logo and warning montages, the logo will move downwards and ease back quickly to show the logo once more. After a few seconds, it shows a screen of the off-air bars with the logo and it has numbers which count down. After they count down, it goes either straight to the previews or the other logos from the companies that distributed the movie.

Music/Sounds: A synthesized theme, which is actually "Enigma" by Tim Souster (specifically, the "2nd" one). After the logo, it shows logos from other companies and the warning screen, then it goes to a faster zoom-out of the logo. The music plays throughout. There is also a male announcer that says "KYRON HOME VIDEO". He would say the names of companies that appear when said logos are shown. Beeping sounds are heard on the countdown screen.

Availability: Seen on tapes from Colombia, including those of Warner and CIC.

Editor's Note: None.

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