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Kuju is an independent game developer since 1998, formed after the buyout of Simis Limited. from Eidos Interactive. It was originally a cap brand for Simis and Glass Ghost, but later became the main company. Kuju has several development divisions, rebranded under different names: Doublesix (Surrey), Headstrong (London), Chemistry (Sheffield, closed in 2009), Kuju Manila and Kuju America (both closed), and Zoë Mode, the latter itself with divisions in Guildford, Brighton and San Francisco. Since the inception of these labels, the name Kuju seems to be virtually abandoned.

(June 1, 1999-)

Logo: On a dark blue background, a silver spot bounces against a floor, forming a 'K', then it bounces several more times, forming the rest of the logo. After it has formed the 'U', the circle stops and settles in mid-air, leaving a small trail behind.

Variant: On Geometry Wars: Galaxies for the Nintendo DS, the logo is made out of green static.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: A synth string score accompanied by synthesised bouncing noises when the circle bounces.

Availability: Seen on Microsoft Train Simulator, Peacemaker, Lotus Challenge, Fireblade and several other games. It's out of use today.

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