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Knowledge Kids is a publicly-funded children's educational network based in Burnaby, British Columbia, and a sister channel to Knowledge Network.


Logo: Superimposed in the credits, we see the either white or black bolded text that reads and says "Knowledge:kids" in it, with "kids" being in a light blue.


  • Sometimes, the logo may be stacked.
  • Sometimes the Knowledge text can be tinted white other than instead of black and also for some of it's TV channel's shows.
  • On either many, most or some of Knowledge Kids's wide variety of shows, the logo may also be superimposed in-credit either in a black BG or maybe a different setting (depending on the TV series).
  • On Dino Dan and Dino Dana, PRODUCED IN ASSOCIATION WITH, in the 1990 Viacom Wigga Wigga-esque logo's script font in white, appears middle above the Knowledge Kids logo being superimposed from the said show's ending credits. Also, the logo itself is given an extra CGI look as well.
  • On 16 Hudson, the Knowledge Kids logo appears to the very farther right that's being placed in the first bottom corner section of the ICI logo (which is really not as in a partnership by CBC's Ici Radio-Canada Télé) in green, exactly being put superimposed on the credits of the show.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the series.

Availability: Somewhat common. The superimposed version can be found on Knowledge Kids's own unique animated shorts, 16 Hudson, episodes of Finding Stuff Out on TVOntario, past seasons of Zerby Derby, Dino Dan and it's crossover show Dino Dana, Mr. Moon, Wibbly, Can You Imagine That?, TVO airings of Wild Kratts, Rob The Robot, Jack and as well on other shows from the said TV network. This is also seen on all of its promotional interstitials and its TV show commercials from the TV network channel.