King Rollo Films

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Logoboy95 and LogosSuper142

Background: King Rollo Films is the vanity card of David McKee, creator of Mr. Benn as well as the Adventures of Spot cartoons.

1st Logo (October 1, 1980-2001)

Logo: Just the words "KING ROLLO FILMS LTD." in any typeface, superimposed in the credits.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the episode.

Music/Sound Variant: On early Spot shorts, the music is followed by a 5-note twinkling sound, and then Paul Nicholas (the narrator for the show) saying "...and that's Spot" followed by Spot woofing.

Availability: It appears on King Rollo itself, some Spot cartoon videos from Walt Disney Home Video, Victor and Maria and Towser.

2nd Logo (February 11, 1999- )

Logo: In the end credits on a blue square, we see a picture of King Rollo and Hamlet dancing from the King Rollo cartoon, and above it are the words "KING ROLLO FILMS LTD".

Variant: A version exists without the blue square.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme or none.

Availability: It was seen on Maisy when it aired on Qubo. Also seen on Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies on PBS Kids Sprout, Humf on Nick Jr., and the Spot's Musical Adventures shorts. The variant only appears on Poppy Cat.

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