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Kijkwijzer is a Dutch-based rating system founded by the Nederlands Instituut voor de Classificatie van Audiovisuele Media (NICAM).


Bumper: On a teal background, we see the lime green word "KIJKWIJZER", with the "IJ"s altered so the "I"s are smaller and are resting in the "J"s. In between "KIJK" and "WIJZER", a weird creature with a black body and a huge eye as its head. A red chair slides in from the left and the creature sits on it. As the background changes to a black background with a teal spotlight and a teal border surrounding it, the word "KIJKWIJZER" fades out, and a green TV tube shape appears on the left of the screen. A black circle with the rating info on it pops up as the creature looks at it. Then everything fades out, leaving just the rating text, which then fades out.

Certification Symbols:

  • AL/TOUS: all ages
  • 6: not recommended for children under 6
  • 9: not recommended for children under 9
  • 12: not suitable for people under 12
  • 16: not suitable for people under 16


  • Sometimes, especially in the logo's early years, the green text "" is seen below the logo.
  • A still version without music was used on some UMD Video for PSP releases like Lords of Dogtown and a few early Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Blu-ray releases.
  • On the Dutch/Belgian VHS release of Mickey’s House of Villains, an AL rating screen is shown.
  • On the Dutch VHS releases of Cats and Dogs, The Lord of the Rings (1978 Cartoon), and Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone, an MG6 bumper is shown.
  • On the Dutch VHS of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Distributed by A-Film in the Netherlands) and a PAL DVD Special Edition release of A Knight's Tale, a 12 rating appears.
  • French-language releases lack the URL and feature additional text below saying "Ce film vidéo convient (...à tous les âges" for French AL releases) aux spectateurs âgés de (6/9/12/16) ans ou plus".
  • On later French-language releases, the logo is absent except the creature.

Technique: Simple 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: From 2001 to 2007, a 70s groovy Shaft-esque tune was used. From 2003 to 2009, a hip-hop beat with some goofy sound effects was used. Since 2009, a short modern disco/pop-esque tune.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, the music is in low tone.

Availability: Can be seen on some Kijkwijzer-certified DVDs. This is extremely common on Paramount Home Entertainment DVD/Blu-ray releases if you usually select "Français Benelux" or "Netherlands/Dutch" in the language selection menu at the start. Also appeared on several Bridge Entertainment Group DVDs, some Entertainment One DVDs and Blu-rays and a few Dutch FilmWorks releases.

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